Lenten Reflection Day 14: Isaiah 1:16

Listen here: https://anchor.fm/simplediakonia/episodes/Lenten-Reflection-Day-14-Isaiah-116-erbvqm

“Wash yourselves clean!

Put away your misdeeds from before my eyes;

cease doing evil.” (Is 1:16)


I cannot function well when I do not take a shower. I am less patient, loving, and caring if I feel dirty.

The same is true for my spirituality. When misdeeds stain my heart, I cannot perform my vocations properly as husband, father, and deacon.

One spiritual activity we can benefit from this Lenten season is reconciliation or confession. Its grace is like soothing water that removes our hearts’ impurities.

Today’s Intention:

Lord, I want to be cleaned from my misdeeds; please forgive me.

Peace and Goodness

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