How many people do you know who build roads? May be some of you know, but I do not. Building roads is an important job in our society. Not everyone is called and trained to build roads.  We need roads to move from one place to another. There are city roads, country roads, old roads, […]

Jesus’ exhortations to stay awake and be prepared (cf. MT 24:42,44) ought to be sweet music to a Christian’s ears. The King’s forewarning of His pending coming is a courteous declaration that allows us to make the proper spiritual arrangement in our lives to being good and to welcome him when He returns. To those […]

What else is there to write about Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe? He agonized in the garden to teach discernment He was scourged at the pillar to inspire endurance He was crowned with thorns to become our king He carried the cross in solidarity He suffered on Calvary to radiate forgiveness and […]

Our faith when centered on us instead of Jesus can become an obstacle to his teaching. It is for this reason that constant discernment of our faith should be a habit. Let’s take the Sadducees. They were God-believing Jews.  However, their faith was not centered on God but themselves. They were educated, religious and politically […]