A Mother’s Advice

A co-worker of mine wrote this letter to an expecting mom today; her first child. I thought it was an awesome letter and very appropriate to share (she gave me permission!) this Mother’s Day weekend. Tried placing the image of the letter but it did not work out well: here is the text of the letter:

“Hmmm, advice on parenting –

I was going to write a very cheery note telling you that parenting is all love, and giggles and you should cherish every moment but then I came back to real life. 🙂

Parenting is the most difficult job you’ll ever have in your life, ever. There’s no calling in, no making excuses, no one else to point the finger at when you[‘re] kid is doing something extremely outrageous that you really want to laugh at but you have to scold him/ her for.

There’s no process to follow, there’s no right way to do it, and you’ll spend 80 percent of the time doubting yourself and questioning your sanity. There are moments when you’re a going to feel like you’re literally going insane, and you probably are. It’s going to be exhausting, you’re going to internally freak out, you’ll have moments of frustration and you’re going to wish that you could drop your kid somewhere off for a week and come back when you’ve cleared your head more often than you think.

Life is hectic and full of uncertainty; a kid will remind you of that every single day. You’ll mess up as a parent more than you want; again, a kid will be sure to remind you. All you can do is take these reminders as a way to better yourself- as a parent and human being in general. Forgive yourself for everything you feel you’re doing wrong and remember we are all doing it wrong every day. The only thing we’ll ever get right is to love our kids and, in the end, that is going to be the most valuable thing they’ll be able to use in life. Because with love comes fun, the giggles, the kindness, good morals, self confidence, and general sense of individual being.

So maybe it is all love, fun, and giggles (20 percent of the time) and you should cherish it all (along with insanity and uncertainty). We are only learning and growing as much as our kids are.

You’re going to be a great mom!



Typed with permission from Rosa

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

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