The Power of Women

“You married women must obey your husbands, so that any of them who do not believe in the word of the gospel may be won over apart from preaching, through their wives’ conduct.” ~ 1 Peter 3: 1-2

Women have always been very influential in my life starting with my seven sisters and my Mom. Women have provided me with counsel, protection, love, and forgiveness. In many ways, it is because of their strong influence that I have become who I am. I consider women to be the strong sex because of the intelligence, fortitude, compassion, and willpower. The scripture above reminds me of that; especially as I now experience it through my wife. She has had a dramatic impact in my life.

My wife have saved me from myself and brought me back to God. For over 25 years I struggled with who I was, especially with my faith. I let myself be carried away by pessimism, self pity, and loathing as I struggled to adjust to life in the United States, tried to fit in, and learned English. During that time, I was unkind to some women when I used them in selfish ways. I also blamed God for my misfortunes; thus I walked away from him.

I was blessed when my wife walked in into my life. She has helped me heal. During the most difficult times in our marriage, it was her who kept us together. Her determination and insistence moved me to come back to the Church and God. She is one of the reasons why I am discerning to become a deacon. It is from her conduct that I have become a believer once again. Her example of love has helped me become a better husband, father, and man.

I thank God for the gift of women, especially for my wife. I pray in our Lord Jesus’ name that our marriage and family continue to blossom.

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