College Football Boycott and its Pleasant Results

The Christmas Season in our home has been the time for celebrating the birth of Jesus, spending quality time with each other, opening presents, and watching college football. One of those traditions is no longer honored by me, however; watching or listening to college football. Beginning Dec. 1, 2008, I decided to boycott college football until there is a playoff system. I love my Texas Longhorns and I will miss then; I wish them the best. However, I cannot longer spend anytime watching a sport that does not value winning. I have to admit this has to do with the Oklahoma vs. Texas fiasco that ensued the last week in November. No need to discuss further. If you are a sports fan, you know the deal. Since Dec. 1 I have not listen to sports radio. When driving my car, my radio is off.  I do read the local newspaper. However, with the newspaper I have control on what I read and how much of it. To my surprise it has been quite easy and pleasant to accomplish my boycott. Now when I drive, I can actually hear my thoughts. I notice things around me.  I feel my days are more pleasant and upbeat because I have avoided the negativity and pessimism that sports and news can bring. Finally, I am spending more time with my family and sleeping better. The results are so positive that without trying, I have stopped watching other sports events, except for the ocassional NFL game. Now that I think about it, I have to be thankful to the BCS for its positive impact in my life, even if it means missing watching or listening to my beloved Longhorns.

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