My Grandma Concha

Grandma Concha

Concepcion Torres

December 8, 1913 to July 5, 2008

My grandmother Concepcion Torres died peacefully on July 5, 2008.  She was surrounded by family and prayers at the time of her death.  Grandma Concha lived well into her 90s.  A native Texan,  she was born in Lockhart and later moved with her parents Florencio and Francisca Ortiz and her siblings to San Marcos in her childhood. She married my grandfather Dionisio Torres, and raised 6 children, including my father, on a farm outside of Baytown, Texas.  I remember her happiest when she was outside working on her land and when she was with her animals.  She was not afraid to brandish a shotgun or to start her own fire out on her farm.  My dad once took his whole Boy Scout troop out to his house to show them how quickly she could skin a rabbit.  I remember visiting her and thinking of her land as the wild frontier.  Out there, she was surrounded by honeysuckle and fireflies.  She was an earthy, rugged woman who lived independently for decades after my grandfather’s death.  More importantly, she always seemed to be at peace and content with the small pleasures in life.  We will miss her.

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