Happy Father’s Day, Dad

Father’s Day has a great deal of meaning for me now that I am a father. However, that is not what makes it special, it is my father, Noel. I do not know how he did it. Ten children!!! I can barely hold on to my sanity with two. I will always love and admire him for his dedication to our family. He always put us first. There was no sacrifice he would not do for us. Like the time he sold our family car so I can have clothes for school. That has been the most generous gift I have ever received. (Thank you, Dad!)

Due to illness, my father was unable to work, something that was difficult for him emotionally and for our family financially. However, he never felt sorry for himself or acted as a victim. He held his head high and taught us to do the same. A great philosopher, debater, and adviser, he only completed a high school GED. He would have been a great attorney had he had the opportunity to attend college.

My Dad was not without faults. There were times growing up when I did not care for him. For all those times, I have forgiving him because I know he tried his best. Moreover, I now know how difficult it is to be a father; how challenging it must had been for him. Happy Father’s Day, Dad. I love you!

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